Lasik cost in Phoenix


We Proudly Advertise Our Price

Our treatment price is $2,900 for both eyes or $1,450 per eye for patients who only need one eye treated. We have no hidden fees or gimmicks and stand by our price as a guarantee of quality.  We use the latest and most advanced techniques of Laser Eye Surgery including CustomVue with Iris Registration and ActiveTrak.

How can I pay for Lasik?

We have financing available for those who would like to do so. We provide our patients with the option of care credit for financing. Some clients may qualify for no interest for one year or longer. We have representatives ready to assist you. 

Is LASIK Tax Deductible as a medical expense?

Lasik cost in Phoenix may be a tax deductible medical expense. It depends on your income. We recommend you speak to your accountant regarding whether you are eligible. 

Is it covered by insurance?

Some insurances will cover a portion or all of the laser vision correction procedure. Call Dr. Matt's surgical coordinator and have a discussion prior to your evaluation if insurance coverage/funding is your primary determining factor in having the procedure.