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Lasik Phoenix is an informational page about laser vision correction for Eye Doctors of Arizona - The offices of Dr. Warren Heller MD and Dr. Matthew Heller DO. Here we provide patient information for laser vision correction, laser eye surgery, LASIK, PRK, and Laser Cataract surgery. 

The main Eye Doctors of Arizona webpage and a biography of each physician can be found here -> www.whellermdpa.com

Eye Doctors of Arizona is an Ophthalmology Practice founded in 1975 by Dr. Warren Heller MD. Dr. Matthew joined his father in practice in 2015 after completing his residency in ophthalmology. 

Both Dr. Warren and Dr. Matthew are board certified ophthalmologists practicing in Phoenix, Arizona.

Cataract Surgery Testimonial

In addition to Lasik and PRK, Dr. Matthew Heller performs large volumes of cataract surgery. 

Here is a video of one of Dr. Heller's patients and his surgical experience. 

Keep and eye out for more surgical videos, including laser vision correction cases coming soon.

ORA for Cataract Surgery

Dr. Matthew Heller performs ORA Optiwave Refractive Analysis during cataract surgery. This system adds a new level of precision to the optical result of your eye after cataract surgery. 

Doing your cataract surgery with the ORA system may not be covered by insurance but is an affordable out of pocket expense. 

Dr. Heller recommends all cataract surgeries be performed with assistance from ORA. 

Cataract Surgery with Iris Hooks

Another surgical video of one of Dr. Heller's cataract surgeries. 

This video demonstrates surgery on a patient with floppy iris syndrome. The patient needs iris hooks to clear the iris safely from the central area where the bulk of the surgical maneuvers take place.